Are you stuck in a cycle of chronic stress and pain? Some days a little better, some days a lot worse… Are you ready to try something different, and create real change in this pattern?

landing pageHi, I’m Liz. Each session with me includes a combination of:

  • assessment (including stresses)
  • hands on treatment (shiatsu & massage techniques)
  • education including present moment awareness/body scan type exercises

This helps uncover the root cause of your pain-stress cycle, accessing your body’s inner resources to shift stuck patterns in your nervous system.

Experience a new way of being, at peace with your Self.

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online bookings open

Come enjoy the relaxing benefits of a Shiatsu / Massage Therapy treatment with me, in my last month at the office on W. Broadway & Willow. Working directly with your nervous system, comfortably firm pressure will balance your body & mind, connecting you to your Lifeforce Energy. Last minute appointments are available for tomorrow (Saturday … Continue reading online bookings open

Sunday appointments

I’m excited to be participating in a 2 day Compassionate Inquiry workshop this Thursday and Friday with Dr. Gabor Maté, renowned expert in the fields of mindbody health, addictions and the effects of stress.  I will be back in the office on Saturday January 27th and have added some appointments on Sunday January 28th. Now … Continue reading Sunday appointments

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