So, you know massage FEELS GREAT.table close up

But did you know it helps balance your nervous system, and can help you make real change in how you experience pain and stress in your daily life?

The cycle of pain and stress can leave you:

  • frustrated
  • with low energy
  • feeling disconnected
  • wondering what is wrong

Maybe you have one of these common stress related conditions:

  • muscle tension
  • headaches
  • digestive conditions
  • anxiety and depression
  • autoimmune disorders

Or maybe you just feel stressed more often than you’d like.

(note: stress is normal and necessary for us to function! But when someone feels stressed all the time it can have a negative impact on health)

East meets West

I use anatomy & physiology AND energy systems to assess and release postural patterns that are connected to the cycle of pain and stress.

After sessions with me, clients report feeling:

  • very relaxed
  • relief of pain
  • “put back together”
  • thankful for the fresh perspective that blending East and Western treatment offers


and be on your way to a happier, healthier YOU!

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