Have you ever heard that our worlds are created based on what we belief? The idea that “what we look for, we will find,” or that what we expect to happen, is likely to happen?! Many research studies on the placebo effect support this concept within health care.

energy angelKnowing this can be a powerful tool in creating positive changes in our health. However, rarely can we simply “change our beliefs!” You see, beliefs are patterned in our nervous system and show up in how we automatically respond to situations, and even what situations we find ourselves in.

So what then?! Are we stuck with recreating our lives/health/bodies based on old belief system that we wish were different? No! Our mind-body-spirit system wants to, and knows how to, come back into balance. But we need to listen to it kindly, and allow it to release at the nervous system level.

What you can do to support yourself in the healing process:

  • Notice what you belief about yourself and the world. Just start noticing, with curiosity (and don’t belief everything you think!)
  • Notice the sensations in your body. Painful areas often draw attention first. Can you also find an area that feels comfortable and open, maybe even relaxed? Whether it’s a whole leg that feels comfortable, or just an earlobe or fingertip, recognizing that we hold both the comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time can be a great resource to decrease painful areas.
  • Get support from a health care professional who knows about this stuff!
    • A manual therapist with working knowledge of nervous system release and stress physiology
    • A Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
    • A body based counsellor or psychotherapist

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