Learning to use my mind, emotions and spiritual connection to release stress and physical tension has truly transformed my world!

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A warm welcome to you! My name is Liz, and I’ve been helping people reconnect to Peace, releasing stress and tension, since 2005.

I have been a student of A Course in Miracles since 2015. Applying specific principles of unity, universal Love and forgiveness of self, I’ve been experiencing personal and interpersonal health benefits: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Specifically:

  • I recover quicker when I experience physical pain
  • stress and anxiety are less frequent and pass through my system quicker
  • I’m more compassionate towards myself and others in challenging times

My formal training as a healthcare professional:

  • Shiatsu Therapy (2005) including the basics of Traditional Chinese meridian theory
  • Massage Therapy (2012) including knowledge of the human body’s systems.

I am currently doing a Master of Rehabilitation Science (UBC) with a focus on providing spiritual support to relieve stress and physical tension. As well, I’m taking spiritual leadership courses at Vancouver School of Theology.

I also volunteer at a hospice in Vancouver BC, providing holistic health support, including gentle touch, emotional and spiritual support to residents, their family and friends.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey. Click here for what to expect in your holistic health sessions.


  • PSYCH-K Advanced Facilitator (2019)
  • Working towards a Master of Rehabilitation Science (UBC):
    • Reasoning and Decision Making (2019); Measurement for Assessment, Planning and Evaluation (2019); Evidence for Practice (2018); Facilitating Learning in Rehabilitation Contexts (2018)
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Palouse Mindfulness (2018)
  • Compassionate Inquiry, Dr. Gabor Maté (2018)
  • 21 Day Nervous System Tune-Up, Irene Lyon (2017)
  • Stress and the Relaxation Response: The Fundamentals of Mind Body Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital (2017)
  • Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono, IZI LLC (2016, 2017)
  • Healing Qigong, John Weiss, MMQ (2016 to 2018)
  • A Course in Miracles, self study and spiritual community (2015 to present)
  • Registered Massage Therapist, CMTBC (2012 to present)
  • Registered Shiatsu Therapist, STABC (2005 to present)