PSYCH-K – 50 minutes – $120 incl GST

Subconscious patterns of stress can cause us to react to life instead of choosing how we act for the highest good of ourselves and others. PSYCH-K is a transformational process to align our subconscious beliefs (patterns and habits) with our conscious goals to be happy and healthy. It is a mind-body-spirit process that puts you in touch with your inner healing resources, transforming whatever your system needs in order to come back into balance.

“What you are believing and thinking at this moment is telling your immune system to either stop and not work, because we’ve got to run from a stressor, or “everything’s cool, we can relax and if there’s anything to be cleaned up, clean up.” That’s it. You’re either in fight or flight or you’re in rest & repair. And it’s your beliefs that toggle that switch. So beliefs are everything.” ~ Dr. Kelly Turner, Radical Remission