PSYCH-K – 60 minutes – $120 incl GST

Ready to make real change in your pattern of pain, stress or tension?

PSYCH-K is a gentle, spiritual process that helps you release subconscious stress and self-limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck in those old patterns.

With renewed optimism, and connection to your inner healing resources, you’ll be on your way to co-creating a happier, healthier life.

“What you are believing and thinking at this moment is telling your immune system to either stop and not work, because we’ve got to run from a stressor, or “everything’s cool, we can relax and if there’s anything to be cleaned up, clean up.” That’s it. You’re either in fight or flight or you’re in rest & repair. And it’s your beliefs that toggle that switch. So beliefs are everything.” ~ Dr. Kelly Turner, Radical Remission