Liz is a talented healer and role model. My mind body analysis consultation for lifestyle opened my eyes to some new tools to help me in my perspective shift in order to clear emotional blocks that are holding me back. Thank you! ~ Kelly Z., Vernon, BC, Sept 2017

Shifting perspective for better health

I booked an appointment with Elizabeth to help release some pain in my shoulders, neck and arms. I was very surprised by Elizabeth’s approach. The assessment questions she asked led me to some REALLY revealing thoughts and feelings that were connected to my physical pain! She explained things and checked with me to see if it made sense. It totally made sense! I came home relaxed and stunned. It was very holistic therapy. I have been following her suggestions and being more present, and pausing when I feel negative or overwhelmed. I feel more relaxed, and feel no pain (if I don’t overwork myself). I can’t put a name on what she does, but I already booked a second appointment, and will be recommending Elizabeth to friends.
Thank you so much, Elizabeth! ~ Claudine S., N. Vancouver, BC, July 2018

Surprising and effective approach!

The PSYCH-K balance I received with Liz has helped me to look at my life from a perspective that is consistently more optimistic than before, as well as more grounded in a feeling of personal strength and worth. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to identify and change their negative beliefs.” ~ Jen H., Vancouver, BC, January 2019

A gentle and effective treatment from an authentic and insightful person.